Welcome to the Camp Inc. coding website! Here I have all the resources that you may need, including slides, examples, tips, and tricks.

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Course Survey

The end of session course survey is available for you to take. Please take the survey here. Your anonymous response will be used to improve the course for future sessions.


Don’t worry. I wouldn’t take notes at summer camp either.

  1. Hello World
  2. Strings, Lists, and Iteration
  3. Sets and Dictionaries
  4. Functions and Recursion
  5. Working with Files

Example Code

  1. Tasty Food (Set Example)
  2. Phone Book (Dictionary Example)
  3. Phone Book with File I/O (Files Example)
  4. Four is Magic
  5. Curses Math Plotting Example

Python Documentation Pointers

Here’s a few places in the documentation I find myself visiting frequently. You might find these useful too! This isn’t an complete list, so if you can’t find what you need, check the table of contents.